Legacy Projects

RAPAD was formed in 1992 to work for the region. Since then we have delivered many projects, formed plenty of organisations or groups and seen initiatives we started mature and grow.

RAPAD is an organisation that enables Central West Queensland to grow its potential on a local, state and national level. Working collectively with our local governments we advocate, facilitate, network and raise issues to eliminate regional risks and deliver tailored solutions that create positive progress for Central West Queensland as a whole.

Legacy programs and projects

Advance Regional Innovation Program

RAPAD was the lead agent for Outback Queensland’s Advancing Regional Innovation Program funded by Advance Queensland an initiative of the Queensland Government.

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CWQ tourism data collection tool

This project was able to prove that the value of the central west tourism industry was up to 30% more than existing data showed.

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Outback Areodrone

The growing drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), sector presented significant opportunities for remote and rural communities like Central West Queensland. For many of our key industries drones have a very real and practical application.

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Started in 2017, Outbackhubs were physical co-working locations where members and guests can use high-speed internet, hot desks, general office equipment in addition to participating in workshops.

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Pathways to Futures

In 2015 during intense and ongoing drought RAPAD engaged with the University of Southern Queensland’s Institute for Resilient Regions to work with the regional community to work on creative solutions and approaches to support the region through the drought and beyond.

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Red Ridge

To support arts and culture in the region RAPAD laid the foundations for thriving regional creative organisation Red Ridge.

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Regional Skills Investment Strategy

In 2019 RAPAD is partnered with the Queensland Government to identify current and emerging jobs in our region and ensure there is a supply of skilled local people to meet this demand.

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In 2013, RAPAD and Employment Services Queensland were successful in their bid to deliver the Federal government’s Remote Job and Communities Program in Central Western Queensland. RAPAD recognised that the RJCP as it was then called, had huge potential to influence and enhance the employment prospects of those seeking work in the region.

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Smart Central West

Smart Central West Digital Strategy articulates a comprehensive but pragmatic plan to seize the region’s opportunities, mitigate the weaknesses, emphasise the strengths and avoid the threats.

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