RAPAD Power Grid

The seven RAPAD councils and CopperString’s founders have agreed to work with landholders and communities to establish an estimated 930-kilometre clean energy corridor to secure jobs and growth for western Queensland.

Powering the Clean Energy Superpower

RAPAD Power Grid was initiated through a unique collaboration between the Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD), Barcaldine Regional Council and VisIR Pty Ltd. RAPAD represents seven local government areas that span almost 25% of Queensland including the Barcaldine region which is home to the emerging Barcaldine Renewable Energy Zone (BREZ). Queensland firm VisIR founded and developed the $5 billion CopperString 2032 transmission network that will extend approximately 1,000 km across Northern Queensland which is being delivered by the Queensland Government.

RAPAD and BRC approached VisIR to help drive development of major clean energy infrastructure capitalising on the vast open plains in Central Western Queensland (CWQ). This collaboration led to the decision to implement world leading power system technology that ensures Queensland can realise it’s potential as a Green Energy Superpower.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the three parties was signed in October 2023, to develop major High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission, renewable generation, and battery storage infrastructure in the CWQ region.

The RAPAD region is strategically located between the industrial and energy hub of Gladstone and the critical mineral and renewable energy corridor between Townsville and Mount Isa in the North West Minerals Province (NWMP) and utilises this strategic arc from Hughenden to Barcaldine and on to Gladstone.

The RAPAD Power Grid comprises:
– 4.2 gigawatts (4,200 megawatts) of solar (site selected)
– 5.2 gigawatt capacity HVDC transmission network
– Common-user battery storage integrated with the transmission network
– 3rd party renewables will be able to access the HVDC transmission line
– The transmission network will be a non-regulated line supported by long-term commercial contracts with major network users (generators and industrial/wholesale consumers)

Read more about the project in the RAPAD Power Grid Overview document below.

RAPAD Power Grid Overview

RAPAD Power Grid Overview

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RAPAD Power Grid Overview - Map

RAPAD Power Grid Overview – Map

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A unique community-led partnership employing world leading HVDC and battery storage technology creating capacity needed to power Queensland’s clean industrial superpower.