RAPAD Skilling

We established RAPAD Skilling, a registered training organisation, in 2012 to respond to a need for in-region training in tourism, hospitality and civil construction.

Since then the organisation has adapted to the needs of the region and continues to provide best-practice training and certification for councils, individuals and organisations in the region.

RAPAD Skilling’s value to CWQ

RAPAD Skilling is a commercial entity of RAPAD.

This means it’s CWQ owned and operated and is completely focused on meeting the region’s skilling and training needs.

Our team of qualified trainers travel the length and breadth of the region so our clients don’t have to lose valuable hours or spend big money to attend training outside of the region.

To learn more or see what training is available visit the RAPAD Skilling website.

RAPAD Skilling's value to CWQ
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