Drought Node

RAPAD is partnering with The University of Southern Queensland to support its important climate work to be undertaken in our region.

Project’s value to CWQ

RAPAD is supporting the University of Southern Queensland to deliver a project that has established a Southern Queensland & Northern NSW Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hub Node in Longreach.

Ally Murray, USQ’s Longreach Node Manager, has been based in the RAPAD head office in Longreach since 2021.

The Hub is one of eight national Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs, a flagship of the multi-billion-dollar Future Drought Fund. The Australian Government is investing more than $10 million in the University of Southern Queensland-led Hub over four years, with more than $10 million of additional contributions from Hub Members and Partners.

The Hub will empower stakeholders to co-design drought preparedness activities for the region. Hub members will apply proven drought-resilience research on the ground to improve innovation and adoption across agriculture, industry and the community.

RAPAD is partnering with USQ on this exciting initiative and advocated to both the government and USQ to ensure the semi-arid rangelands region was incorporated.

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